What If There Was A Way To Encourage Your Female Employees To Live Up To Their Potential?

Our innovative Pre-Leadership Intensive Program, “Soar Beyond Your Limits: Self-Empowerment Essentials For Women At The Workplace”, is carefully crafted to empower female employees who are not on the management/leadership track.

We know from experience that women who believe in themselves become more engaged and willing to take on additional challenges within their organization, regardless of their current role. They may choose an internal lateral move, a team lead position, a management post, or perhaps eventually a C-suite role.

We will collaborate with your forward-thinking leadership team to help your female staff:​

  • Stay engaged, inspired and successful​
  • Take on bigger challenges in the workplace​
  • Commit long-term to your organization​
  • Become “fans” and speak highly of their employer

Ileana A Rontea is available for speaking engagements, workshops and other presentations. For more information on her speaking topics and previous media coverage, download her media page above.

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About Our Program

How Is This Program Different?

  • We interact closely with participants over 12 weeks to change their limiting self-beliefs to an empowered mindset.
  • Sessions are spaced out to allow for self-reflection and integration of the material.
  • Small groups of up to 20 participants enable maximum participation in a safe space.
  • Assignments are specifically designed to deepen and personalize learning and implementation.
  • Live guidance, coaching, and real-life scenarios are used to address individual challenges.
  • Lifetime practices, tools, and techniques are shared to encourage participants to remain connected to their personal power.
  • Self-select tool helps participants decide if the program is a good fit and sets the right expectations.

Who Is It For?

  • Our program is tailored to female staff who are not currently on the management/leadership track but carry untapped potentials.
  • Project managers, account managers, administrative staff, accounting/ finance officers, human resources administrators, project support officers, program assistants, coordinators, logistics specialists, analysts, account reps, customer service specialists, sales staff, and other similar type positions.
  • Women who are prepared to overcome the fear of failure, perfectionism, and self-critical thinking, by engaging with our material and continuing to work with the principles and practices we teach in the long term.
  • Female staff who are highly motivated to grow personally and professionally, set healthy boundaries, and communicate in an empowered way.

What Is Included?

  • Three virtual, instructor-led courses (six 90-minute live sessions in each course, delivered twice per week).
  • Total of 27 hours of live instruction over Zoom.
  • Live group coaching session at the end of each course (60 minutes each, 3 hours of live coaching).
  • Takeaways: three fillable Workbooks with assignments and resources plus all session slides.
  • Weekly reminders of lessons learned, tips and useful habits, based on the training material, sent directly to participants’ e-mails for six months after formal training ends.
  • Practical tools, tips, techniques, guidelines, life-long practices, and real-life examples.
  • Optional community and coaching support after the program ends.

What Our Clients And Participants Are Saying

Our Courses

Course 1 – Confidence Builder:

How To Cultivate Self-Confidence For Women

Participants will learn how to:

  • Stop the self-sabotage and adopt the mindset that allows them to become more confident
  • Tame “unhelpful” fears to find the courage to do the things they always wanted but were afraid to
  • Conquer the urge to be perfect and to compare themselves to others, so they can give their personal best
  • Foster a healthy sense of self-worth which would enable them to stay strong in the face of judgment and setbacks
  • Embrace self-confidence as a way of life so they can thrive in their life and career

Some of the knowledge and skills participants acquire in this course will make it much easier for them to set and enforce healthy boundaries – taught in Course 2.

Course 2 – Power Boundaries:

How To Set And Enforce Healthy Boundaries For Women

Participants will learn how to:

  • Honour the most important relationship in their life – the relationship with themselves
  • Overcome inner and outer barriers that commonly prevent many women from setting effective boundaries
  • Know when their boundaries have been violated so they can defend their limits
  • Speak and act in a way that helps them set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Deal with chronic boundary violators and inappropriate behavior at the workplace (and elsewhere)

Some of the knowledge and skills participants acquire in this course will make it much easier for them to adopt effective communication strategies – taught in Course 3.

Course 3 – Communication Code:

Win-Win Communication Strategies for Women

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and replace unproductive communication behaviours that many women use, with more empowering ways to communicate without sounding “bossy”
  • Manage emotions to enhance mutual understanding and foster trusting, productive, and long-lasting relationships
  • Recognize differences based on gender, culture, and interpersonal styles so they can interact and collaborate more effectively with a wide range of people
  • Manage, and resolve conflict situations at work (and elsewhere) in a constructive way
  • Give and receive feedback in a way that supports personal and professional growth
About Us

Empowered Women Now Enterprises OÜ is a limited liability company registered in Tallinn, Estonia. We build and deliver unique and innovative training programs, carefully crafted to inspire women around the world to tap into their highest potential. Our clients are progressive organizations in Europe and North America.

Our company was born out of a Joint Venture forged in Canada between two independent women entrepreneurs – Ileana Rontea and Iva Baltova – who share the same passion for helping women on the path of personal and professional self-development. Ileana and Iva are good friends and business partners who have known each other for close to 20 years.

The Women Behind The Pre-Leadership Intensive Program

Iva Baltova, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Iva is the author and designer of the “Soar Beyond Your Limits” Training Program.

She is a seasoned instructional designer and a solo learning consultant specializing in the design and development of original workplace training solutions since 1999.

She has helped over 30 business and government organizations effectively train their staff to effectively meet critical performance objectives. The key to her success is her ability to uncover what her target audience truly needs and craft a custom solution that produces meaningful and lasting changes.

Iva holds a Doctoral degree in Learning and Teaching and an M.Ed. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Toronto. Her expertise draws on the wisdom of academia, ample practical know-how, and her own life-long personal and professional development.

Iva’s passion is transforming the way people work in the real world – empowered and on purpose. More recently, Iva has been focusing on helping women like herself tear the bondage of restrictive conditioning to become the most powerful versions of themselves.

Ileana A. Rontea, B.A. (Hons), Associate Cipd

Ileana is a speaker, trainer, published author, Women’s Empowerment Coach, human resources professional, “people enhancer” and entrepreneur.

She is passionate about helping women who are on the path of self-growth and development, assisting them in overcoming self-imposed obstacles and barriers.

One of the ways she has done this, is by creating and administering an online Facebook community of 650+ international women (and growing) who are also on this path of self-discovery and empowerment. Another way is by sponsoring female children in the developing world since 1997.

Ileana has a Professional CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy) Diploma; Associate Certification, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in Human Resource Management; an Honours Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree; and Train the Trainer Certification.

She has worked as an onboard Human Resources Manager on cruise liners, where she provided soft-skills and extensive onboarding training, as well as coaching and counselling to staff and management. She has also created and presented a women-centric program for new entrepreneurs during the time she owned her first company.

Her “superpower” lies in her keen ability to see the sometimes-hidden potential in others and guide them on their transformational journey.